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Loteria del Niño 2017

With the Loteria del Niño 2017 raffle, you can make this New Year’s Day one for the history books. Massive jackpots like this are just the kind of dynamite you need to get you excited for a fresh year.
Kick off 2017 with a BANG instead of a fizzle by entering this highly anticipated raffle.

El nino lottery

Up to €630 million Euro in prizes are up for grabs. That’s right. Now that we have your attention, let’s take a closer look at this exciting raffle that millions of lottery players around the world have itchy palms for. 

The odds are smiling in your favor when playing this game because there’s a 1 in 3 chance that you can win a prize!

What is Loteria del Niño?

This Spanish El Nino raffle is a follow-up to the world-famous Loteria de Navidad. It’s held annually on the 6th of January. The game has one of the world’s biggest prize pools and tickets for the raffle are limited.

Tickets come with codes printed on them with numbers between 00000 up to 99999. Every ticket is printed with 40 copies and divided into 10. Players have the choice of either buying individual shares or a whole ticket. There are also a whopping seventeen different prize categories.

The raffle has now become a Spanish tradition with many villages and towns taking part. It makes up a huge part of the New Year celebrations. It’s not only popular in Spain, either. Loyal followers around the globe enter the draw buy purchasing their tickets online. The lottery gets its name from the date of adoration of the Magi to the infant Jesus. The very first draw happened in 1941 and became a part of Loteria Nacional in 1966.

The first tier prize is called the “Gordo” prize and it’s a worth a staggering €2 million if a full ticket was purchased. If a share of the ticket was purchased, the player would get €200,000. The second tier prize is worth €750,000. For more information on this lottery game, visit the site of PHL or just click the banner below:

El Nino Spanish raffle

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