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Latest EuroMillions Lottery Results 01-10-2013

Tuesday’s EuroMillions drawing was the first drawing of the month of October, but it seems fall is starting out poorly for lottery winners. The 01-10-2013 drawing saw a rollover with no winners of the €15 / £13 million jackpot, marking an even higher jackpot for this Friday’s big drawing.The upcoming drawing on Friday October 4 now sees a cool €25 / £21 million jackpot waiting to meet its happy new owner.

Tuesday’s 7 correct numbers, which no one had the fortune to match, can be viewed in the graphic below. We’re sure at least someone had these numbers written down, and then decided in the last minute not to buy EuroMillions tickets – was it you? And will you be ready to correct that mistake come Friday?

Latest EuroMillions Lottery Results 01-10-2013

A EuroMillions Rollover Worth €10 million

There’s of course always the question of whether a rollover is to be considered bad or good luck. While no one snatched the chance to win the life changing jackpot, we must also consider how much larger the next will be – with an estimated amount of €25 / £21 millions in the Friday jackpot, that’s €10 million more than what anyone had the chance of winning in Tuesday’s drawing.

It’s always hard to comprehend large numbers, so let’s break it down – this difference between the Tuesday and Friday drawings is equal to winning the five match one star of Tuesday’s drawing forty times. Could you imagine winning such a huge prize – that’s €251 / £175 thousand – every Christmas for forty consecutive years, for example? That’s the kind of jackpot increase we’re looking at in just three days, thanks to this Tuesday rollover.

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If you haven’t bought your ticket for Friday’s drawing yet, now is the time to play yourfavouriteEuroMillions entries – or will you wait for yet another rollover?

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