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Jackpot Win of €65 £55 million in September 27th EuroMillions Drawing

One winner walked away with the unreal jackpot win of €65 / £55 million in Friday September 27th’s 2013 EuroMillions lottery drawing. Only one lucky person managed to guess the full list of numbers – 11, 15, 38, 41, 43, with the two stars 2 and 6.

An additional five people got the second best guess, correctly guessing five numbers and one star. While these aren’t enough for million cash amounts, it’s enough for a cool €357 / £249 thousand each.

Jackpot Win of €65  £55 million in September 27th EuroMillions Drawing

The Dream of Economic Indepence with EuroMillions

It must be an unreal moment to realise you have won such a life changing amount of money, and it’s a moment all of us have imagined at some point. While many EuroMillions lottery players have predefined goals of what to do with the money, others have no idea. And then there’s the third group which doesn’t have a specific goal, but longs for the economic independence that such a prize leads to. The idea to never again have to work for or worry about money is a big unifier among literally millions of lottery players around the globe.

That’s not to say EuroMillions players are lazy – it’s just about priorities. If you don’t have to work to get money for rent, food, and pleasures, there are so many other opportunities to spend the time on. What about working with something you actually love, not having to care about the salary since you already have money? Maybe open your own specialised store just to see how it is, and then if it fails you have loads of cash to fall back on? Or maybe you want to go volunteering for some cause you care about?

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There’s a reason lotteries are vastly popular – the dream of financial independence is in all of us, especially us dreaming players.

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