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How to play Euro Jackpot Lotto?

Since Euro Jackpot lotto is the newest addition to Europe’s multi state lotteries, many people might be asking:

How to play Euro Jackpot lotto?

Players are required to select five numbers from a guess range of 1-50 plus two additional bonus numbers from a separate guess range of 1-8.

To win a Jackpot in the Eurojackpot lotto game a player must correctly match all 7 numbers (5 main number plus all 2 additional numbers)

Basically lottery organizers for Eurojackpot agreed on a play format similar to the well-known EuroMillions, the difference is that the bonus numbers are drawn out of matrix of 8 balls instead of matrix of 11 “Lucky Stars” in the case of Euro Millions.

The draws will be held on a weekly basis, every Friday in Helsinki, Finland.

Players who are not residents of participating countries in Eurojackpot lotto multi state European lottery, have an option to play Euro Jackpot lotto online through dedicated online lottery agents.

Please refer to information below on how to play Euro Jackpot lotto online:

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