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How does the 100 millionaires Euromillions raffle work? Can I buy an Olympic Games lottery ticket online?

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I assume that by now most of our readers have heard about the 100 millionaires Euromillions raffle, so many people are asking whether they can buy an Olympic Games lottery ticket online through the internet.

Its a pretty amazing idea, for so long we have been waiting for a 2012 Euromillions superdraw but instead we get a clever twist on the concept: The 100 million Euro Millions superdraw fund for the year 2012 is broken down into 100 pieces, which will generate 100 very happy lottery players!

How to play in the
Euromillions lottery millionaire raffle?

Here is some basic info: Euromillions lottery millionaire raffle.

But I’ll also do a quick recap, for the impatient ones. The raffle takes place every week but it is exclusive to UK Euromillions draws… People who buy their Euro Millions tickets in Great Britain get the raffle included as a bonus. The raffle numbers consist of three letters and six numbers, which are generated randomly (for example GPC 087739).

Can foreigners living outside the UK buy Olympic raffle tickets?

This is the 100 million pound question and I take great joy in telling you that the answer is YES!!!!!
The good people at have staff in England who buy Euromillions tickets for their customers. These therefore all have millionaire raffle numbers and should a person living outside the UK win the Olympic raffle using such a ticket, the employees of TheLotter will act as middle men to cash the ticket and pass the winnings wherever in the world it belongs.Click the banner below to visit their site:

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What is the estimated Euromillions jackpot for Friday 27th of July 2012?

I have some more good news for you. Not only do we have the massive Olympic game lottery raffle to look forward to on Friday. The latest Euromillions draw, conducted on Tuesday 24. july 2012 yielded no winner – so the jackpot prize amount rolls over to an estimated 135 millions euros!

All in all we have what can truly be called a Euromillion lottery Super Draw for the year 2012. Best of luck to all players and please do us a favour, share this post so that as many lotto lovers as possible can get in on the action 🙂

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