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Friday October 4 EuroMillions Jackpot at €25 / £21 million

Friday October 4 EuroMillions Jackpot at €25 / £21 million After Tuesday’s rollover with no winners, the total EuroMillions jackpot prize has now risen to an estimated €25 / £21 million for Friday’s drawing. Will you take the chance and try your luck for this big possibility?

October has still not seen any jackpot winners, and it will be exciting to see if we will get a winner tomorrow, or yet another rollover – which would be interesting too, as that would increase the jackpot amount for next Tuesday’s drawing.

The World after Winning with EuroMillions

What better ways are there to start off the weekend but a massive lottery win?When we think of what it would be like to win the jackpot (and yes, we think of it at least daily), there are two aspects to think about – what to do with the money, and how to break it to everyone. It feels sometimes like the latter doesn’t get its deserved attention, so let’s think about it for a minute. Can you imagine coming up to your wife or husband and telling them “oh, by the way, we’re rich”? Would you just play it cool, or would you scream it from the rooftops?

One of the EuroMillions dreams is to be able to quit your job, not ever again having to think about earning money – but would you do it in the classical way of basically yelling at your boss before running out the door? I like to think I’d play it cool – what about getting to work for a few days, only to casually at a lunch break say “oh, and I don’t think I ever mentioned – I’m rich now. Anyway, how was your weekend?”

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Do you too have ideas of how to reveal your win? Invest in EuroMillions tickets so as to have a chance to use them!

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