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EuroMillions’ October Spell Broken with €50 / £42 million Lottery Win

One lucky winner managed to escape with the big EuroMillions lottery jackpot of €50 / £43 million yesterday, October 15th, effectively breaking the spell hanging over the month of October.

EuroMillions had not seen a single jackpot winner so far this month, with four consecutive rollovers prior to the Tuesday win. As each rollover increases the original jackpot (€15 million), the total sum had now reached as much as €50 / £43 million, which all went to a single lucky winner of still unknown origin. While this dry spell has been looked on in poor favor by many players who for obvious reasons would have preferred to win themselves, it was most definitely a good thing for the lucky winner Tuesday, who received €50 million instead of €15.EuroMillions' October Spell Broken with €50  £42 million Lottery Win

The world after a €50 / £42 Million Win with EuroMillions

That is more than three times as much to spend on whatever this lucky winner wants, be it buying a new car, getting a new house, or traveling around the world. Three times as much to simply live your life, no matter what that entails, with no obligations and no requirements.

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Can you imagine waking up knowing you don’t have to work, you don’t have to worry, and you can live your life however you please? You can do just about everything you ever dreamed, wherever and whenever you want. If you haven’t played before, now is an excellent moment to partake and play on your favourite EuroMillions numbers today. The spell has been broken and the EuroMillions game is on.

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