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Euromillions Millionaire Raffle

The Euromillions Millionaire Raffle is definitely one of the reasons behind the unrivaled popularity of Euromillions in the United Kingdom. With every ticket you purchase in the UK, you get a chance to win an additional £1 million in a draw conducted separately from the main lottery draw. Many are curious about this addition and guess what, if you live outside Great Britain and are drooling over this massive windfall, you’re in luck as you can also play the millionaire raffle even if you live outside the British Isles – we’ll tell you all about how to grab this golden opportunity shortly.

What is the Euromillions millionaire raffle?

Launched on 7 November 2009, the Millionaire Raffle is an exciting addition to Europe’s hugely successful big jackpot Euromillions lottery game. The introduction of the raffle coincided with a price increase of UK Euromillions tickets, which went up from £1.5 to £2.0. So in a sense the raffle draw addition was introduced with the aim of softening the blow and giving the British players more bang for their buck. So since then, in addition to the seven picked numbers for the customary Euromillions, the UK lotto ticket also contains a millionaire raffle number which consists of three letters and six numbers (e.g. BCD123456). Every draw guarantees that one lucky ticket holder will walk away with £1 million.

To make sure there is exactly one winner, you can’t pick your raffle numbers yourself, instead they are generated by the computer which outputs the tickets. Usually, the UK Millionaire Raffle takes place right before the standard Euromillions draw. The winning raffle numbers are selected by an Automated Draw Machine (ADM) – a rigorously tested and approved device. If the winning sequence matches the one found on your ticket, you are a millionaire!

How to play Euromillions millionaire raffle?

Playing in the Euromillions Millionaire Raffle is very simple.

If you live within the United Kingdom, just buy a Euromillions ticket and you’ll be automatically be included in the Raffle.

If you live outside the United Kingdom, you can still play in the millionaire raffle by simply purchasing UK Euromillions tickets online, this is actually very easy. Just follow this link:
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In case you win the jackpot, the raffle or any other prize, you’ll get an email notification and your prize money is transferred to you as a lump sum payment.

What are the odds of winning the Euromillions raffle?

The odds of winning the raffle draw depend on the total number of tickets sold. The estimated odds of winning in the Tuesday Millionaire Raffle draw are 1:3,500,000 – assuming 3.5 million entries were sold. Likewise, your estimated odds of winning in the Friday draw are 1:9,200,000 – assuming a total of 9.2 million entries sold for the draw.

If that’s confusing, here’s a simpler explanation: let’s pretend a total of 100 tickets have been sold for a Millionaire Raffle draw and you purchased one of the tickets in question. Now the ADM will choose exactly one ticket from the 100 unique combinations that were sold, which means your odds of winning are 1:100.

Some interesting facts

The Euromillions Millionaire Raffle generated one hundred happy millionaires on the 27th July, 2012 on the prestigious occasion of the London Olympics – which is a record. The previous record was set when 25 lucky winners received a prize of £1,000,000 each in a special Christmas millionaire raffle draw on 24th December 2010.

These special raffle draws are an addition to the standard twice-a-week draw. The two latest special Millionaire Raffles were drawn on Christmas day 2012 and New Year day 2013, and each were for 25 guaranteed prizes of £1,000,000 per lottery ticket.

Thanks to the option of online ticket purchase, people from outside the United Kingdom can also try their luck and get their hands on the life-changing sum of one million pounds sterling. To find some more details, please follow this link:
What is the Euromillions lottery millionaire raffle.

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