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EuroMillions lottery weekly results for 04 Dec 2012 draw

EuroMillions lottery weekly results
for draw on: 04 Dec 2012


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We pray your lotto gods are kind to you so these latest Euro millions lottery draw results placed some jackpot funds in your pocket. For the ones of our gamers which specifically failed to hit gold in the last draw we tend to look at one of the best aspects of lotto in general, the subsequent draw is rarely very distant! With regard to the lotto game you constantly get a second chance to enter ones special lucky digits and then try and win the actual lotto jackpot of hopes and dreams.

Next Estimated EuroMillions lottery jackpot
for draw on: 07 Dec 2012

€ 54,000,000 EUROS!
EuroMillions lottery weekly results for 04 Dec 2012 draw

EuroMillions lottery

Find out: How to play EuroMillions lottery on the internet

There are many massive lotteries from all over the entire world attainable if you want to take part online. Our web-site offers info about several of these. Please browse around and learn more about each lottery game and if you choose to give it a try I only wish you the very best of good luck!

Some pointers in regard of forthcoming big lottery draws at the end of each year:

Obviously, as we are approaching Christmas time there is super draw on the way for 22nd of December 2012; Spanish El Gordo de Navidad special Christmas draw with prizes pool exceding €2.000 million Euros. ElGordo de Navidad traditionally is held just before Christmas since 1812! Check out available options, where to enter this exciting Spanish super lottery draw El Gordo de Navidad.

Spaniards are not the only nation which has tradition to offer some special treats for lottery lovers, there are two more lotteries on board, namely: Japanese JUMBO LOTTERY DRAW with jackpots in territories of $1.000 million+ and Brazilians holding special end of the year draw for Mega-Sena, called: “Mega-Sena da Virada” offering over $60.000.000 USD in jackpot prizes.

In conclusion yet not least, do be certain you examine every sweepstakes ticket comprehensively prior to disposing of it so that you do not unintentionally throw away an actual winning lotto ticket.

Although there were no jackpots winners in Euromillions lottery draw on the 4th of December 2012, but thousands of lottery players manage to match at least 2 main numbers. The table below would help you find out what are apriximate winnings for matching smaller prizes in latest Euromillions Tuesday draw, should you be among of those:

ResultsNo. of winnersPrize per winner
Jackpot0£ 34,403,739€ 42,363,919$ 55,314,570
Match 5 and 1 Star2£ 489,648€ 602,940$ 787,259
Match 56£ 54,406€ 66,993$ 87,473
Match 4 and 2 Stars47£ 3,473€ 4,276$ 5,584
Match 4 and 1 Star969£ 147€ 181$ 237
Match 41850£ 78€ 95$ 125
Match 3 and 2 Stars2395£ 43€ 52$ 68
Match 2 and 2 Stars34389£ 14€ 17$ 23
Match 3 and 1 Star43993£ 11€ 13$ 17
Match 382263£ 9€ 11$ 15
Match 1 and 2 Stars174096£ 8€ 9$ 12
Match 2 and 1 Star615881£ 6€ 7$ 10
Match 21169425£ 4€ 4$ 6

EuroMillions lottery weekly results for 04 Dec 2012 draw

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