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Euromillions lottery Christmas millionaire raffle 2012

Yes, we bring good news: A special Euromillions lottery Christmas millionaire raffle is scheduled for 25. December 2012! Some of you might remember what was dubbed the Millionaires month back in December 2011. Well they say lightning never strikes twice in the same place but the same does not apply to the Euromillions lottery, which will generate 50 millionaire raffle winners in one month, just like it did last year!

Have we got your attention? If so, then feel free to keep reading to learn all the details about this Christmas lottery raffle that has people falling over rushing to the shops to buy their tickets.

What is the date of the Euromillions lottery xmas raffle?

On Christmas day, the 25th of December 2012, the Euromillions Christmas raffle takes place and 25 holders of UK Euromillions tickets will be 1 million pounds richer, transformed to instant millionaires thanks to a random sequence of numbers and letters, the winning raffle numbers. Those of us that don’t experience the childlike excitement of Christmas anymore can most certainly get worked up about this raffle of dreams.

In case you were wondering, the Millionaire raffle is a special game offered exclusively to those who purchase UK Euromillions lottery tickets. A raffle number is printed at the bottom of the ticket and each draw sees 1 lucky player take home a £1 million raffle prize but come December 25th there will actually be 25 lottery players sporting a £1 million smile 😀

Buy tickets for the Euromillions Christmas raffle

Tickets for the 2012 Euromillions lottery Christmas raffle are actually rather difficult to come by. There are many online agents selling Euromillions lottery tickets. However, there is just one company out there that we know and recommend which provides UK Euromillions lottery tickets which contain entries for the upcoming Christmas day raffle of 2012. Click the banner below to visit there site and secure an entry today:

If you are new to online lottery play, you might benefit from the information here:
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Christmas 2012 Euromillions lottery raffle results

We will of course publish the results of the Euromillions lottery Christmas millionaire raffle 2012 as soon as we can. However, with it being the holiday season, it might be a good idea for you to like our facebook page, in case you want to see the raffle numbers as soon as possible after they are released.

And to conclude – you have 3 days left to get tickets for the 2 billion euro+ draw:
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Did you miss out on the Christmas day Millionaire raffle? You can still get tickets for the next one:
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