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EuroMillions lottery 2011 – how recent changes affect those who play EuroMillions online

Play EuroMillions lottery online 2011

The people that like to play EuroMillions lotto have noticed that there have been some significant changes to the popular lottery game play in the year 2011.
The biggest change of all is the extra draw, there are now 2 chances to win EuroMillions jackpot prize in every week – the new draw happens on Tuesdays while the classic draw is set for Friday as always.

The changes to the EuroMillions lottery gameplay were introduced on May 10th 2011. Since that happens to be a Tuesday, it was also the first time lottery players had the chance to win EuroMillions jackpot on a Tuesday night!
The new lottery arrangement uses 11 “Lucky stars” numbers instead of the 9 numbers that were drawn previously. At the same time a prize for matching two main lottery numbers and no Lucky stars was introduced.

You will be glad to learn that the famous EuroMillions superdraw still takes place regularly on a regular basis. In a superdraw the lottery jackpot prize is 100 million euros and lottery players around the world buy lottery coupons with their lucky EuroMillions numbers.
The most recent EuroMillions Superdraw took place on Tuesday 4th of October 2011 and was not won so there is a huge jackpot brewing there. We can look forward to play EuroMillions superdraw for many years to come, this popular lottery will only grow more popular with the addition of a new jackpot and ever growing money prizes.

So the changes do in my opion only have a positive effect for players. It is already a very easy and comfortable game, you can play lottery online from the comfort of your own home. People play lotteries because they want to win big, life changing jackpots and the changes in game play mean that when you win EuroMillions lottery it will change your life forever – and now you have two chances to do so every week!

EuroMillions lottery 2011 – how recent changes affect those who play EuroMillions online

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