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Euromillions jackpot estimated 90 million euro for Friday 26th October 2012

Yes, you read correctly: The Euromillions jackpot is estimated to reach a staggering 90 million euros. When is this huge draw? It takes place Friday 26th October 2012 or to be exact, tomorrow!

After rolling over no fewer than seven times the jackpot prize of this European super lottery is about to burst. People were really excited for the draw last Tuesday, when the estimated jackpot prize amount had reached 76 million euros. What will happen on Friday? We can see it turning into a manic chaos when people start running around trying to get their hands on a Euromillions lottery ticket. Our advice to you? Buy your lottery tickets online, its simple, safe and easy – click the banner below to learn more:

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There is a sense of real excitement in the air when an announcement of such a jackpot is made. My head starts spinning, I start fantasizing about all the opportunities such a Euromillions goldmine would unock; travel to exotic places, creature comforts and security for me and my loved ones. Human beings like to dream but sadly many don’t have the chance to make the dreams come true. A lottery jackpot is one of those bets you can make for a minimal investment and really have a chance to make an unreal return on that. If you don’t then its not a huge financial loss and there’s always the next jackpot to look forward to.

Whether or not you decide to take part in tomorrows draw, we thank you for visiting our site and welcome you back anytime. It will always be free of charge and always be packed with information about the biggest and most fun filled lotteries available to play around the world. Want to reward our kindness you say 🙂 Please add us to your bookmarks or better yet, share our site on your facebook page, twitter or whatever social medium is your preferred choice – thanks in advance.

Take care, be happy and be lucky!

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