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Eurojackpot Lottery Review

Eurojackpot Lottery Review

This Eurojackpot lottery review is intended to provide some insights and information about the lotto game that is opening for business. The new European lottery is named Eurojackpot, it is a combination lottery which hosts its first draw on Friday 23. March 2012. Similarly structured as the world famous EuroMillions, Eurojackpot lottery sees a number of countries on the continent taking part, pooling funds and thereby contributing to building jackpot funds that players and fans of lottery will surely take notice of.

The origins of Euro jackpot lotto can be traced back to a meeting between various influential people associated with lotteries in many countries of Europe. They met up in November 2011 to discuss the possibility of joining forces to create a new European cooperation lottery.

Long story short, the meeting was a success and seven European nations are preparing to launch Eurojackpot lottery in their respective countries.
These are: Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Denmark, Estonia Slovenia and Finland.

That’s a pretty impressive list but apparently it is not necessarily finalized. Rumours claim that Norway is set to launch Euro jackpot lotto in the autumn of 2012 and their scandic brethren in Sweden and Iceland are reportedly planning a similar approach. That would bring the total number of nations playing Eurojackpot to ten!

How Eurojackpot lottery works?

Eurojackpot lottery draws will take place once a week, at 21.00 (EET) on Friday evenings. The drawings will be hosted in Helsinki, the capital of Finland.
While preparing this Eurojackpot lottery review, we were informed that you can apparently buy Eurojackpot lottery tickets up until 19.00 (EET) on the day of draw itself. We do advise that you verify this with your local ticket agent or confirm the cut off time if you are purchasing Euro jackpot lotto tickets via an online ticket provider.

After the draw takes place, the lotto operator will release all relevant information, Eurojackpot lottery winning numbers and prize breakdown by each category. The total amounts of prizes are eventually decided by number of tickets sold for each Euro jackpot lotto draw and the number of winning tickets sold for each price category.

The starting jackpot up for grabs is guaranteed to be a minimum of 10 million euros for each Eurojackpot draw, but if not won it will roll over to the next draw. A cap has been placed on the main prize amount, it will become active at 90 million euros.

How to play eurojackpot lottery?

To play EuroJackpot lottery you simply pick 5 lucky numbers from a total of 50 and then add to that 2 of the 8 bonus numbers – this comprises a single Eurojackpot lottery entry or line.

To win a Euro jackpot prize you must match a minimum of 2 main number plus one of the bonus numbers drawn.
Match all 7 numbers in the draw to win a Eurojackpot lottery jackpot.

Euro jackpot lotto promises to be an interesting addition to the world of lotteries and we look forward to watching it blossom and grow. We hope this Eurojackpot lottery review helped answer some of your questions regarding the new lotto and we will of course bring you all the latest news and developments as soon as we learn of them.
In the meantime, we would like to wish the best of luck to all players of Euro jackpot and hope that this exciting new lotto will bring both joy and good fortune to all players.

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