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Eurojackpot draw results 8. March 2013 + free ticket

The most recent Eurojackpot draw results carry considerable weigh and expecations. Since no jackpot winner had been found in the five previous draws, the prize amount had climbed over 20 million eurs. A lot of people bought tickets for the draw and hoped they would manage to win this time around. But while there were plenty of Eurojackpot winners, no one took the the big one …

The estimated Eurojackpot jackpot prize for next Friday is 25 million euros.

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Eurojackpot winning results drawn 8th of March 2013:


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To confirm, here is the sequence drawn for Eurojackpot last Friday:

Main numbers: 10 – 12 – 14 – 30 – 43
Bonus numbers: 2 – 5

Five lucky players got the five main numbers and one bonus number correct. This result is worth € 165,523 for each player. But here’s something weird: Only one player matched just the five main numbers! He wins a tidy sum of € 110,738.

Forty players then managed four of the main numbers and both bonus numbers, which results in each of them winning € 2,556. From then on the prizes get significantly smaller but still the same, its better than being empty handed.

Good luck to all players on the hunt for those positive Eurojackpot draw results!
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