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Euro Millions lottery prize amount near 170 million euros – will we see a new record jackpot?

Euro Millions lottery jackpot
estimated 168 million euros

Yes it has happened for the 11th time in a row, another Euro Millions jackpot rollover. It just keeps on going and we are starting to wonder if anyone can win it before christmas! Well, that is actually a bit of an exaggeration. With each rollover the jackpot prize amount grows and as the number of millions to play for gets higher, the more people and the media talk about the Euro Millions lottery. The result? More and more people decide to give it a try, buy a lottery ticket and contribute to the size of the jackpot but also of course join the millions of people who might win it. It could be you – it could be me …

For now I would say we all have an equal chance of winning the Euro Millions lottery prize. Saying that, several people will looking into improving their odds of winning, by implementing things like a lottery wheeling system. I’m not gonna try and come across all smart and tell you that I can instruct you on how to win the Euro Millions jackpot prize. The only advice I will give is this: Buy a Euro Millions ticket for the draw on Tuesday. If you ever needed a reason to play the lottery, now it is here – or actually 168 million reasons to be exact!

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Will we see a new record Euromillions jackpot?

Already we are hearing people wondering about how high the jackpot prize amount will climb, and many are wondering if we will see a new record Euro Millions jackpot. I guess we will find out soon enough. The jackpot cap is set at 190 million euros and I think another rollover will be enough for it to reach that. Adrian and Gillian Bayford became the biggest Euromillions lottery winners when they took home a prize worth 148 million pounds in August 2012.  Hopefully some lucky players can match or even improve that record, let’s wait and see!

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