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Euro Millions lottery draw results 1st of March, 2013

The Euro millions lottery draw results for the 1st Friday of March 2013 are in. A couple of rollovers had brought the jackpot amount over the 20 million euros mark. As a result there was significantly increased interest in last nights Euro Millions draw. But as we know, this great lottery always generates a lot of interest. It was an interesting prospect, first day of the month and most of us had just received our paycheck. Did anyone get a special bonus payment on top of that?

Euro Millions lotto results 01.03.2013:

Latest Euro Millions lottery numbers and results
First and foremost, everybody will be wondering about the jackpot prize. The answer is no, there was no jackpot winner in the latest Euro Millions draw. This means the jackpot prize estimate for next Tuesday climbs to a very exciting 39 million euros!

There were plenty of Euro Millions winners last night. Three players got the second best result, matching all five main numbers and one lucky star. The prize amount for each is € 543,387. Eight players got the five main lottery numbers drawn and each receives € 67,923. Not bad for a nights work eh?

Those of you who are among the 48 people that match both the Lucky Star numbers and 4 of the regular lottery numbers can expect a deposit of € 5,660 in your bank account. I wouldn’t have a problem putting this money to good use!

Remember the big Euro Millions draw on Tuesday

As we climb down the prize amounts drop but still the same, the money allows the player to enter his numbers in the next draw. If you have not done so already, then this is our recommended source for online Euro Millions tickets:

Play EuroMillions lottery

Good luck with the upcoming Euro Millions lottery draw results. The next draw is only three days away, Tuesday 5. March 2013. Be happy and be lucky 🙂

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