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Euro Millions Drawing of €15 / £12 million on Friday October 18

Euro Millions Drawing of €15 / £12 million on Friday October 18More and more players are getting excited about tomorrow’s big Euro Millions drawing on October 18, 2013, with the jackpot landing at a sweet €15 / £12 million. On the last drawing, on Tuesday October 15th, a massive jackpot was won by a lucky someone for the first time this month, after four consecutive rollovers throughout October’s first two weeks causing a bigger jackpot.

Many players talked about an October spell finally being broken, and Friday’s drawing is the first since. Will the October month manage to be one for Euro Millions success stories after all, in spite of the dry beginnings? Will it become the new story we tell of a month starting out so poorly but ending up with phenomenal results? The tides truly seem to be turning for Euro Millions players.

The Golden Future of Euro Millions

Friday’s jackpot is at €15 / £12 million, which is about enough to buy a private island in the south, and then retire there and live wealthy the rest of your life without ever having to think of money or jobs or responsibilities – in short, enough to fulfill anyone’s dream. Euro Millions truly give you the chance to spend your life according to your own will, and not anyone else’s.

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Tomorrow is the day when we’ll see if Tuesday’s jackpot win was a one time event, or if it will become a new tradition for the final weeks of the month. My bet is definitely on the latter. If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, now is the time to buy your Euro Millions tickets today – and good luck.

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