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ElGordo Spanish Superdraw lottery, El Gordo de Navidad (Christmas Draw), El Nino, San Ildefonso, De la primitiva

There are variations to the ElGordo lottery, and the name is used in reference to: ElGordo de la Primitiva (weekly draw), as well as to: ElGordo monthly special Superdraws, which includes the massive ElGordo de Navidad (Christmas superdraw lottery), El Niño (January superdraw lottery), ‘San Ildefonso’ (Summer superdraw lottery in July). The name El Gordo is strongly tied to the Spanish National Lottery (Loteria Nacional), which hosts all the lotteries mentioned above.

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Differences between playing ElGordo de la primitiva lottery (weekly draws) and playing El Gordo monthly special superdraw lottery.

There are significant differences between playing ElGordo de la primitiva lottery (weekly draws) and playing El Gordo monthly special superdraw lottery. The former is played in similar fashion to your everyday lottery draw, where 5 main numbers are drawn from pool of 54 balls, plus 1 so called “key number” drawn from separate pool of 9 balls.

To play ElGordo monthly special superdraws you have to adopt a slightly different approach. The Spanish monthly Superdraw utilizes lottery balls for its draws but each of those has a five digit number printed on it. The El Gordo draw numbers range from 00,000 to 99,999 (except for the Christmas El Gordo drawing, where the numbers range drops and runs from 00,000 to 84,999. But as you can deduct from this, the El Gordo monthly special superdraw lottery tickets up for grabs are limited, once they are gone they are gone.

El Gordo special monthly Superdraw tickets are sold in two ways, you either buy a whole El Gordo “serie” or a “decimo”, which is more commonly sold and costs less money, because it is a tenth of a coupon, 1/10.

When an ElGordo lottery special monthly draw takes place, a ball with a five-digit number printed on it is drawn from a bowl (this is the winning number). Another ball is drawn from a separate bowl displaying a prize amount. These 2 balls are combined to provide the winning number and prize amount won.

These special ElGordo monthly superdraw lottery drawings boast some of the richest lottery  prize pools in the world, that range from €84 million euros to a staggering €2.6 billion euros! Each month of the year brings a new El Gordo special super draw but the Spanish know to save the best for last, the Christmas Superdraw El Gordo de Navidad, which is the biggest of them all, with €2.6 billion euros in jackpot prizes dished out to lucky El Gordo players.

Play El Gordo lottery online

You can play El Gordo Superdraw lottery every month of the year, and ElGordo de la primitiva every week.

If you wish to buy El Gordo monthly Superdraw lottery tickets and live outside of Spain, the most convenient way we know of is to enter an El Gordo syndicate.

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When you play El Gordo special monthly superdraws in a syndicate, you join a team of 35 lottery players in a syndicate group, which increases chances of winning. Additionally the joint tickets and the arrangement of the syndicate system guarantees you a minimum of 1 cash prize in each ElGordo Superdraw.

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