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ElGordo de la Primitiva – Spanish weekly El Gordo lottery draw

ElGordo de la primitiva weekly lottery draw is one version of the popular Spanish ElGordo lottery. There is also the annual Christmas ElGordo superdraw, see here: El Gordo de Navidad (Spanish special Christmas ElGordo lottery superdraw)

The weekly ElGordo lottery draw is known in Spain as ElGordo de la Primitiva, but this is generally shortened to El Gordo (the fat one) and therefore confusion can arise between ElGordo weekly and ElGordo Christmas special superdraw draw.

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The weekly ElGordo de la primitiva lottery draws take place on Sundays and 5 main numbers are drawn from a pool of 54 balls plus one number, called ‘Key Number’, which is drawn from a seperate matrix of lottery balls ranging from 0 to 9. To win ElGordo jackpot prize you must match the five main numbers plus ‘Key Number’. Match all ElGordo numbers correctly and you walk away with the jackpot. Record ElGordo jackpots are regularly reaching over €20 million euros.

ElGordo de la Primitiva is the most popular of weekly lottery games played in Spain and its popularity has spread throughout the lotto world. You can buy ElGordo tickets online with the aid of a dedicated lottery ticket purchase services – you can find information about a number of these right here on our website.

One word of warning though, the Spanish of course like their siesta. Sunday seems to be their lotto siesta day, because even though the ElGordo lottery draw takes place on Sundays there are no tickets sold on the day of the drawing. So if you want to play El Gordo weekly draw, remember to buy lottery tickets no later then Saturday and also be aware of the ticket agents cut off time for ticket purchases.

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