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€31 / £26 Million Jackpot for Friday’s EuroLotto Drawing

€31 / £26 Million Jackpot for Friday's EuroLotto DrawingAfter two rollovers in a row, tomorrow’s EuroLotto drawing is estimated at a massive €31 million, which equals approximately £26 million. That is more than twice the amount of the original jackpot one week ago, before these rollovers taking place as no winners could be found for two drawings in a row. The obvious question on everyone’s minds now is whether anyone will win this drawing, or if the jackpot will continue to rise for the Tuesday drawing.

The last EuroLotto jackpot win took place ten days ago and was at an even larger total sum, at over €50 million. In theory the jackpot can continue to rise even further if we continue to be without winners, and it could climb close to €200 millions before stopping. The question is of course whether we want to see a winner tomorrow, or if we’d prefer to see it rise even further just to see an even happier smile once it is won.

The Happiest Weekend of Your Life with EuroLotto

It’s interesting to ponder over how a person’s life can change so abruptly by what’s really just a piece of paper with a list of numbers. The drawing tomorrow will see a number of people having the best weekend of their life as they receive the news that they have quite a sum of money waiting for them. Even if we won’t get a winner of the €31 / £26 million jackpot, we will definitely see some winners of the lower prizes, which while they aren’t in the millions still easily land in the thousands.

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