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€21 / £17 Million Up for Grabs on 13.11.04 EuroMillions Drawing

€21 / £17 Million Up for Grabs on 13.11.04 EuroMillions DrawingA new EuroMillions month got started last Friday on November 1st, 2013, and it all started off with a rollover. Disappointed, or glad? Well, I suppose those who invested their money for the Friday drawing hoping to win a jackpot are a bit disappointed, but then again this also means a greatly increased jackpot for tomorrow’s Tuesday drawing.

The jackpot for tomorrow Tuesday November 5th is now estimated at around €21 / £17 million, a nice increase from Friday’s €15 / £12 million. No jackpot with EuroMillions is a disappointment, of course, but I’d like to meet the person arguing that €15 / £12 is a greater win than €21 / £17. You can really see everyone’s excitement for Tuesday – both those who didn’t play Friday and will focus everything on Tuesday, and those who played Friday and plan to play again Tuesday, buying an extra ticket for this drawing.

Playing the Odds with EuroMillions

It is indeed an increasingly popular strategy to vary your ticket purchases based on the drawings and their rollovers. Some play it very risky by simply not playing the first jackpot of €15 / £12 million – we definitely do not recommend this as you stand to risk missing the win the drawing you finally get the right numbers. A better strategy is one that increases your winning odds by increasing your number of tickets by each rollover before the drawing.

Play EuroMillions lottery

No matter what, the important thing is to play, and by it not risking to miss out on the big jackpot win once the time is right. Don’t miss out, buy EuroMillions tickets now!

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