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€15 / £12 Million Up for October’s Final EuroMillions Drawing

€15 / £12 Million Up for October's Final EuroMillions DrawingHalloween is just around the corner and with it the end of October. Tomorrow’s Tuesday drawing for EuroMillions is the final one for this month, and with it comes the chance for a jackpot of €15 / £12 million. This month has so far only seen two jackpot winners, one halfway through and the other just last Friday. Will the Tuesday drawing on October 29th 2013 see a third and final winner, or will the jackpot rollover to make an even bigger jackpot for November’s first EuroMillions drawing?

The question is of course if you’ve won so far this month, and if you want to end it with a bang? While only a handful ever win the massive EuroMillions jackpots, the lottery sees hundreds of thousands of winners every Tuesday and Friday, with prize money ranging from just a few euros to the extreme tops at €190 million.

Celebrate Halloween with a Few Extra Millions from EuroMillions

Can you think of a better way to kick off the Halloween weekend but with a few extra millions in your pockets? With EuroMillions you have the actual chance of holding €15 / £12 million in your hands in just a couple of days. Imagine welcoming trick or treating children this weekend with a few extra tons of candy! Or why not use the money to spise up your house for the ghostly days?

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I wouldn’t imagine you going as crazy as to use all of it, of course – the jackpot you stand the chance to get with a EuroMillions ticket is enough to live luxuriously for the rest of your life, as well as performing a few Halloweeny stunts… don’t miss out on this chance, go buy your EuroMillions ticket now!

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