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€ 31 / £27 Million Jackpot Won Friday 13.10.25 with EuroMillions

Yesterday saw another huge jackpot win with EuroMillions, as one lucky winner managed to get all five numbers and two stars correct, and thus win the €31 / £27 million jackpot. The prize pot has been on rollover twice in a row in the past week, increasing from a starting €15 million to ultimately end up at twice that amount.You can see the full breakdown of the latest winning numbers below.

€ 31 £27 Million Jackpot Won Friday 13.10.25 with EuroMillions

The first half of October seemed extraordinarily bleak on the EuroMillions lottery side of things, with no players getting the jackpot for several drawings in a row. Everything seems to have turned about halfway into the month, as the jackpot was finally captured. Since then we have seen two more rollovers, and now another big jackpot win at €31 / £27 million.

The Final EuroMillions Drawing of the Month

The next EuroMillions drawing is set to take place on Tuesday, October 29, and this also happens to be the final drawing of the October month. The next drawing after that is on Friday the 1st of November, effectively kicking off the month nicely. The jackpot for the Tuesday drawing is set at €15 / £12 million, which is quite a prize sum.

Will we see a third jackpot win this month, or will we get a rollover that helps kick off November even further?Tuesday is the day we will know, and it might well be the day you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

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