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Double Euro Millions Rollover after October 4 2013 Drawing

The fall of poor lottery luck continues, as yesterday saw yet another rollover in the Euro Millions jackpot drawing, meaning the price for next drawing is increasing once again. More and more players are getting increasingly excited for the next drawing – the rollover adds another €7 million to the jackpot, and like every avid Euro Millions fan knows, every trend has to turn at some point.

The jackpot for the latest Euro Millions drawing on Friday October 4 was up at €25 / £21 million, yet no one managed to guess the full list of five numbers and two stars (last night’s numbers can be seen in the graphic below).


The Euro Millions Game Heats Up With €32 Million

It’s not all bad, of course – while a rollover is bad news for whoever tried their luck hoping for a win yesterday, it’s very good news indeed for everyone planning to buy Euro Millions tickets for the next drawing on Tuesday, October 8. A rollover means the previous jackpot is kept while even more price money is added on top, and next drawing’s estimated jackpot is up at as much as €32 / £27 million.

With rollovers and increased amounts we usually also see an increase in both players and winners, both of the smaller and the larger amounts. While the October 1 drawing saw approximately 1.6 million Euro Millions winners, last night’s drawing saw an increase to around 2.4 million. While this include smaller sums, it’s also true of larger wins, and 69 lucky winners won €5 000 or more, 27 more than on last drawing.

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