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Did you play Euro Lotto and win in Fridays draw, 08.03.2013?

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Prior to last nights draw, quite a few lottery fans had been waiting for Friday the 8th of March 2013 to come up on the calendar. Several jackpot rollovers in this great lottery will do this to a person! We all knew that four draws had come and gone without a winner and the big question was whether we would see rollover draw number five!

Friday Euro Lotto numbers, 08-03-2013:

Euro Lotto Draw Results for 8th of March 2013Read more about How to play Euro Lotto online

To answer the big question, yes someone did match the seven magical lottery numbers. The winning ticket was purchased in Portugal and we congratulate the owner on his luck and the 50+ million euros he just pocketed 🙂

But there’s other ways of winning money in this lottery than matching all drawn numbers.
Three players managed to match the five main numbers and one of the lucky star bonus numbers. Their reward is € 51,689,985 for each and we’re pretty sure they are all happy with that.

Only five players manged to match just the five main numbers. This low number of winners in this tier means that each lucky player receives € 116,069. Over 1000 people hit both lucky stars and four of the main numbers and that means over 5 grand for each, so well done to everybody!

Since the big Euro Lotto jackpot prize has come and gone, we would like to point out an interesting draw taking place tonight. The American Powerball lottery has been on a similar upswing and currently the jackpot stands at $150 million!

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Good luck to all, no matter whether you play Euro Lotto, Powerball or any other great lottery online 🙂 Euromillions Lottosystem

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