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Changes to Euro Millions lottery, new jackpot prize cap

Changes to Euro Millions lottery, new jackpot prize cap

The popular Euro millions lottery is making a change to how they cap their top jackpots!

As you may remember we saw two major changes to Euro Millions lottery in May 2011: The Tuesday Euro Millions jackpot draw was added – giving us a total of two EuroMillions draws per week to look forward to. Then of course there was the addition of two extra ‘star numbers’. This caused the overall Euro Millions prize winning odds to improve from 1 in 24 to 1 in 13.

In February 2012 EuroMillions is making a change to how the biggest jackpot prize cap works. In case you’re not sure, the jackpot ‘cap’ is the point where a lottery jackpot stops growing, despite more rollovers.

How does the new Euro Millions jackpot prize cap work?

Come Friday 17th February 2012 the EuroMillions jackpot prize cap will be fixed at 190 million euros.

* The new Euro Millions rules will stop any two consecutive draws offering that maximum 190 million euro jackpot prize.

* This means that if no lucky lottery players manage to match all 7 Euro Millions winning numbers for two weeks in a row, the Euro Millions jackpot prize will be moved down to the next highest prize tier, matching 5 winning numbers plus one lucky star. If no players match those numbers the jackpot prize will roll down another level and so on until a Euro Millions jackpot prize winner is found.

These changes mean that the maximum size of the Euro Millions lottery jackpot prize grows from 185 million euros to 190. It also means that players can win the big prize without even matching all the winning numbers.

Best of luck to all our players, we sincerely hope that you will take home a 190 million EuroMillions jackpot one day!

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