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Buy Powerball American lottery tickets. Jackpot increased up to $500.000.000 USD!

Due to unprecedented demand from people who want to buy Powerball American lottery tickets and participate in this epic record American Powerball lottery draw, the jackpot has been increased up to

$500.000.000 USD

Yes correct; at this moment PowerBall jackpot stands at:

HALF a BILLION American US dollars!!!

Initially the Powerball lottery jackpot prize was set at $425.000.000 USD for the Wednesday draw on 28th of November 2012, but lottery enthusiasts from across the United States of America rushed in masses to lottery ticket outlets in order to buy Powerball lotto coupons. This huge surge in USA Powerball tickets sales was additionally fueled by those buying Powerball lottery tickets through the internet from all over the world.

Huge lottery jackpots levels usually contribute to increased sales of entries for a particular lottery; the more tickets bought by players, the higher revenue for the lotto operator. A big chunk of this additional revenue is being added on top of the originally announced jackpot amount before the actual draw takes place.

When lottery jackpots approach certain levels, tickets sales rapidly accelerate and more players buy coupons. The recent increase of the main Powerball prize amount on Tuesday by $75.000.000 up to half a billion USD, makes it second the biggest jackpot in the history of world lotteries.

Considering the above fact we should not be surprised to see additional masses of buyers joining in the pursuit of winning such an enormous amount of money in the Power ball lotto game. We might witness another jackpot increase just before the Powerball draw on Wednesday. Who knows? Perhaps tomorrows main prize in American PowerBall lottery overcomes the world record lottery jackpot of $656.000.000 set by MegaMillions lotto earlier this year in March 2012.

Would you like to join crowds of dreamers and buy PowerBall American lotto tickets?

If you are living in one of the states participating in USA Power Ball lotto, you can buy Powerball lottery ticket in any lotto outlet in your neighbourhood. Otherwise you have the option to purchase Powerball coupons on line through the internet, just click the banner below:

Play USA PowerBall lottery

For more options to buy tickets for USA PowerBall American lottery on line, click here.

Best of luck to all players participating in Wednesday Power Ball lottery game!

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