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Buy Euromillions tickets online and play for 152 million lottery jackpot!

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play for 152 million jackpot!

Yes, you better believe it – Euromillions lottery has done it again. Yet another Euromillions rollover means the jackpot prize we are all chasing will grow even further. The estimated jackpot prize amount for the draw on Friday 09-11-2012 is 152 million euros! How does that sound to you? To me, it is like music to the ears 🙂

I am a bit crazy, when all my friends were going online to check if Obama had won the elections, I was logging in to see if I had managed to win the Euromillions lottery jackpot …
Don’t get me wrong, there are other things in life besides lottery but still the same, a 130+ million jackpot doesn’t come around every day. I hope you fellow lotto lovers out there are not too disappointed with last nights draw result. I was for about 10 seconds, then I saw what the estimated jackpot amount is for the next Euromillions draw and started arranging my numbers for that. If you are considering playing and want to buy Euromillions tickets online, check out the service provided by these guys:

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There was a time when I was frustrated with not being able to get Euromillions tickets down at the cornershop. Now I’m just grateful that I do not have to run around town to get a ticket and simply conduct my lottery business online, whenever it suits me.  Life is good and I never have to worry about where I left my lottery tickets.

If you are new to the Euromillions lottery then I encourage you to have a look around our site. The main focus is on this hugely popular lottery but aside from that, you can also learn about various other lotteries around the world. Last but not least, buy Euromillions lottery tickets online and play for the 152 million jackpot prize – chances like this don’t come around too often and you have as big a chance of winning as the next man!

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