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Buy Euromillions tickets online and play for 101 million euro jackpot lottery prize on Friday 20. July 2012

Buy Euromillions tickets online & play for 101 million
euro jackpot lotto win on Friday 20. July 2012

People keep going on about Euromillions and the upcoming Olympic Euromillions lottery millionaire raffle draw. This is interesting yes, a 100 lucky lotto players will become instant millionaires – 1 million british pounds each! This draw will take place just as the Olympic games in London start.
But we have something even better for you, buy Euromillions tickets online today to play for a hundred million prize that you can keep to yourself! Yes, you read correctly, Euromillions lottery is in an Olympic mood and has climbed to a staggering:

101 million euro millions jackpot prize

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It is an exciting time, the whole world is looking forward to the upcoming Olympics and expecting to see various records contested in all sorts of sports events. Maybe Euromillions will surprise us and go for a record jackpot to celebrate the event. Crazier things have happened in the world of lottery and they will continue to happen!

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