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Buy Eurojackpot tickets online, new European lottery starts 23rd March 2012!

Buy Eurojackpot tickets online
new European lottery starts 23rd March 2012!

Eurojackpot and where to buy Eurojackpot tickets online has been the most popular topic of discussion in lottery related conversation lately. We’re sure you have already heard of this new European lottery which will have its first draw on Friday 23. March 2012. If not, then here are some details:

Eurojackpot lottery is a brand new European lotto game, established and operated by nine nations. These are: Germany, Estonia, Finland, Netherlands, Iceland, Italy, Spain, Denmark and Finland. Not a bad lineup at all in our opinion, and judging by the anticipation surrounding the Eurojackpot launch, there are many who share our view.

There is a number of people interested in playing Eurojackpot lottery, who do not actually reside within one of the countries taking part and are therefore unable to buy Eurojackpot lottery tickets in stores.

The solution for those players is to buy Eurojackpot tickets online, just click the banner below to visit the website of Thelotter. This service has been providing lottery tickets on the internet for over 15 years and we recommend them 100%

Minimum Eurojackpot first prize win is set at 10 million euros and with all the excitement surround the new lottery, we’re sure that this amount will increase considerably. Be a part from the start, buy Eurojackpot tickets online today and play the new European lottery!

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