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Boost your winnings with Boosterball!

Take a side bet and win a cool €10,000

Did you know that at, you can give your lotto wins a boost using their Boosterball side bet feature?!

Boost your winnings with Boosterball!

They have had some lucky players recently using this fab feature, just last week aWkiee from Etne, Norway won a fantastic €10k when using a booster ball bet when buying their Eurojackpot lotto tickets. He managed to select all 3 winning numbers to increase his overall lotto win!


You can add a new dimension to your lotto excitement by using a Boosterball! Its super easy and fun, all you need to do is click the Boosterball underneath each ticket and select your 3 Boosterballs, then use the Boost O’ Meter slider to select you stake between 1 and €10, the more you bet, the more you could win! Multiply your fun by trying Boosterball today!

Huge jackpots this weekend at EuroLotto

At you can play for 6 of the world’s biggest lotto jackpots – here’s what you could win this weekend!











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