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About Mylotto24

Mylotto24 is an online lottery site that commenced its services in 2007.The lottery site is one of the many franchise of the Tipp24 online lottery empire.  The site specializes in offering its users the chance to buy ‘cheap’ lottery tickets to popular European lottery games. Despite the site carrying a UK Address, the site raises eyebrows with the lacking of any UK lottery game in its offering to its players.

Apart from the lack of UK lottery games, the site prohibits the purchase of tickets from countries with a ban on online gambling. The website however fails to put down the exact countries ineligible for its services. The site further goes to state that lottery winnings from blacklisted countries will be withheld.

The site lacks the industry standard live chat support system. In place customers have to use email support or opt for their ever busy UK support line for help. In retrospect to the industry leaders, the Mylotto24 has one of the weakest customer support system available.

The site claims a membership of more than 2.4 million players and a payout totaling to €200 million. A claim difficult to squeeze down considering the limited number of lottery games on its plate and the fact that only a handful of countries are eligible to register on the site.

MyLotto24 Complaints

I spotlight check on website reputation sites revealed a scam complaint from a user of the site. Despite the site prohibiting players from certain countries, it accepts their registration and their bets but withholds any cash in case of a winning by such players.

In addition to this, the site in its terms and conditions states that it reserves the rights to add or remove at any time countries prohibited to access its services. With such vague terms of service, withdrawals of lottery win lays squarely at the discretion of the site. With ambiguity surrounding its terms of service, the integrity of the site is highly questionable.

Another questionable aspect of the site is on their privacy policy. In its terms of services, the Mylotto24 reserves the right to share personal data in its possession with its affiliates and other third party data processing contractors. As bad as it may sound, it doesn’t end there. The terms of condition further reveal in writing that the site also reserves the right to store, process and transfer information to destinations outside the European Economic Area ‘EEA’.  As a precaution to this, the site will take ‘reasonable’ steps when data processing occurs in areas lacking developed data protection laws.

Another aspect of the site that raises more questions than answers, is its use of ‘Session ID’. With session ID, you stay logged into your account until the time you manually log out of it. With your account holding sensitive personal data, the data is open to any soul with an access to your computer. To add this up, the site allows third party advertisers to monitor your transactions on the site. This is a contrary to its security ‘benefit’ of allowing its players to make transactions in a secure, safe and private sandbox. Is it a scam?

Behind their colorful widgets and promises of lottery wins, several ethical issues regarding the site come up. Just the horror story of having your country blacklisted immediately after a lottery win is enough to put off lottery players.

The first aspect has to do with their Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certification. Despite the site possessing a 256-Bit cryptographic encryption, its connection is questionable as one navigates from different pages of the website. In addition to this, a casual check on the actual Comodo SSL certificate of the site returns with ‘IdAuthority Credentials not available for this site’.

The second aspect is in their handling of personal data. A victim of identity fraud can tell you how much a mundane action of entering your credit card details on a site with a questionable reputation can cost. Mylotto24 reserves the right to share its personal data with advertisers. To make it even worse, deletion of data personal data of users from Mylotto24 is solely at their discretion. This basically infers that even if you opt out of their service, your personal data remain stored on their servers.

Most reputable online lottery sites offer 50+ lottery games to its clientele. has a selection of only two lottery games on their plate i.e. The Spain Bono Lotto and the Lotto 6/49 lotto. This is clearly an indication of their weak grasp on the online lottery business.

This begs the million-dollar question, is worth your time? A weak customer support system, shady terms and conditions and an exploitative terms of conditions clearly puts the website far from being the ultimate gambler’s haven. Read more about mylotto24 review at

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