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$403 Million US Powerball Jackpot Won

On the 22nd of February, the US Powerball held an enormous lucky draw for the stunning sum of $403 million.

Someone, somewhere out there, was the chosen one to receive all this life-changing cash. The winner’s identity and location is yet to be announced.

The winning US Powerball numbers for the draw on the 22nd of February were:

10-13-28-52-61 and the Powerball number 2

The Power play option:

 the number 2

In the second prize tier, there were a whopping six player who matched all five main numbers excluding the Powerball number. This won them each a glorious amount of $1 million. In the third prize tier, seventy-one players managed to match four main numbers including the Powerball, which landed them a stunning $50,000.

Powerball Jackpot Won

There were many other players in the lower tiers, which just goes to show that even if you don’t win the coveted jackpot, you still stand a chance of winning a decent amount of cash to either put towards more lottery tickets, or spoil yourself with.

The most important thing is that you get your tickets! Otherwise you can never hope to win if you don’t play. There are more massive jackpots waiting to be won on like the SuperEna Max, for 127 million Euro, Mega Millions, for 64 million Dollars, and UK Lottery for 5,600,000 GBP.

Get your tickets now and get ready for the millionaire lifestyle you’ve been waiting for!

We know that the prize pot has shrunk by about 10 times but still the same, the starting jackpot is nothing to turn ones nose up at. 

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