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$23m Lotofacil da Independencia Draw

September is here and with it the famous Lotofacil da Independencia draw ( Lottofacil Independence Lottery) arrives too! One of the high points of the Brazilian lottery calendar, this extraordinary draw stirs the emotions of the Brazilian people, and also captures attention around the world. Through The Lotter you can place your bets without leaving home…

Click on the image below and see how!

Lottofacil is one of the best known lotteries in Brazil. Part of Caixa Econômica Federal’s collection of games, it is simple to play and win. The rules of the game are clear and there is no doubt that there are chances for all types of players. LottoFacil is easy to play, this is apparently stated in its name, and it’s also easy to win!

The players must reflect and then choose between 15 to 18 different numbers from the 25 total available at the wheel. Magic happens and the player finds the prize if he or she hits 11, 12, 13, 14 or 15 of the dozens drawn.

The player can also choose to let the system choose the numbers for him/her through the convenient “Surprise”. And in addition to this convenience, you can choose to play with the same bet for 3, 6, 9 or 12 contests one after the other, through the well-known subscription option.

The Lottofacil is big, much bigger than the Loteria dos Sonhos (Lottery of Dreams) for example, our little favorite here on the site. But many of the other lotto games that we discuss here also make dreams come true and also have special draws like the Lotofacil one drawn on Independence Day.

But here we’re talking about Lotofacil da Independencia, and although it’s not as much of a millionaire as the international lotteries, it’s still very special. So don’t wait too long. The weekend is coming and with it the big draw. And on that day it may be that your chance to change your life will come too. Good luck on this special Lottofacil draw day! May your dreams come true.

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